Astrology Readings

Ken Stieg Astrology


Astrology readings are based on exact TIME of birth, in addition to date and location (city,state/country) of birth. If the time the reading is based on is off by more than a couple minutes, it will affect the accuracy. Your birth information will be entered into a computer program, which will produce a chart of where all the planets and signs were, the moment you were born. Ken has learned how to interpret these charts into practical and insightful information about you. Examples include personality traits, tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, likes, disikes, life patterns, etc. Things discussed in readings are not your "fate". Your free will always has the final say. Astrology just helps clarify the choices you have.


Introductory Readings (about 15 minutes): $15


Full Readings (60 minutes): $60


"Couples" Reading (60 minutes): $60

This is a reading comparing two people's charts and certain aspects of their relationship. It is not limited to just couples. Other examples include parent/child, friends, business partners, co-workers, siblings, etc.





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