Oshkosh New Age and Rock Shop!

We carry over 200 kinds of stones &crystals!

We have a variety of spiritual products, with the intention of neither promoting nor excluding any one religion.



Oshkosh New Age Store. Oshkosh Astrologer. Astrology Reading Oshkosh. Tumbled Stones. Sage. Incense. Hemp Cord. Beads. 


Sun: 12:00-5:00

Mon: 10:30-6:00

Tue: 10:30-6:00

Wed: 10:30-6:00

Thur: 10:30-6:00

Fri: 10:30-5:00

Sat: 10:30-5:00

We are closed on major holidays.


Christmas eve, Christmas day, 

New Years eve and 

New Years Day.

 At this time we are asking people to practice distancing and to limit the 
number of customers in the store
to 5. Also, because of this we request
that you do not bring in children if 
you can arrange it.


Come browse our selection of incense, candles, jewelry, didgeridoos, Native flutes, 

bumper stickers,  magnets, buttons, stones, crystals, books, 

rune stones, Tarot cards, 

sage bundles, and more.